Addressing housing and employment problems through experience at nature education schools and a biomass project


In December, 2009, was founded as a voluntary association centered on Kurikoma Highlands Nature Education School and Kurikoma Lumber (both based in Kurihara City, Miyagi Prefecture). In September, 2011, became a Japanese Cabinet Office-accredited NPO. Works on the following: promotion of the utilization of forest biomass energy produced from the forest resources of Miyagi Prefecture and surrounding areas; efforts toward the Ministry of the Environment’s CO2 Emissions Trading Project (the J-VER {Verified Emission Reduction} system); promotion of lumber utilization;     the advancement of environmental education having forests as a theme; etc.
After the Great East Japan Earthquake (on March 11, 2011), provided pellet stoves and other items to affected areas. Presently, with support from businesses and others, is operating the “Te-no-Hira-ni-Taiyo-no-Ie (‘House of the Sun in Your Palm’) Project”, which adopts domestic lumber and environmentally-friendly energy in symbiotic housing, thereby aiding recovery. In addition, in partnership with government, is working to create jobs utilizing biomass energy in earthquake-affected areas.

Points about the partnership

Via partnerships with business operators having expertise in the utilization of local forest resources, as well as with nature education schools which have a clear vision for environmental education and the realization of a sustainable society, synergetic effects can be achieved. Takes advantage of a national network having nature education schools at its center.


Based on efforts at ‘co-action’ (cooperative action) by diverse actors


The Great East Japan Earthquake


The Japanese Forest Biomass Network   (NPO)


A private-sector national network comprised of nature education schools, lumbermills, building contractors, government, etc.

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Introduced in PART 2 of the “three-way conversation”
section of the journal Tsunakan (Edition #18)