NGO Network for SR Initiatives Japan (NN Net)


NPOs face a new challenge as demands on them expand beyond their previous function as an independent force gathering grassroots opinions and working with other sectors in an effort to resolve social issues. To support such NPOs, we established an open network organization. Inviting NPOs with a common vision from a broad range of fields, the organization helps 1. NPOs join and collaborate on their own initiative; 2. Promote inter-section communication; 3. Better establish the citizens’ sector and advance its position in society; 4. Enhance social responsibility and trust among participating organizations; and 5.Build a better society.
So far, mainstream support organizations have come together to work on advancing the citizens’ sector’s position in society. In 2012, we hosted the SR Forum 2012 to share and discuss NN Net’s ideas and activities around “social responsibility.” Furthermore, we participated in the roundtable discussion on social responsibility and published a guide for tackling issues based on the discussion among the multi-stakeholders. We also provide educational activities.

Points about the partnership

– The network not only serves as a place for NPOs to consolidate opinions and formulate statements but also has become the point of contact for negotiating and reaching a consensus with other sectors such as government and business.
– NN Net has successfully promoted interaction between NPOs from different fields and is developing into a venue for information exchange and human resource development.


□Executive committee/council 


□Social business/CSR


NPO Support Center, Environmental Partnership Council, Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation, Sankaku Planet, CSO Network, Institute for Human Diversity Japan, Association for Aid and Relief, Japan, Japan NPO Center, International Institute for Human, Organization and the Earth


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