Future Center Week 2012 @ GEOC


The Future Center provides a forum for various sectors to come together and discuss the future in a creative fashion – looking beyond their individual sectors for a chance to build a better society. Since the project aim, to invite various sectors to form partnerships for the creation of a sustainable society, is in line with GEOC’s mission, GEOC decided to support its efforts by providing the physical space for this forum.

A “Future Center Week” was celebrated for two weeks from the end of May into June and many discussion forums covering various topics took place all around Japan. GEOC provided venues for the Future Center directors (organizers) belonging to the Future Center Network. 14 sessions were held in total with over 500 participants. We also held pre-events for the organizers.

Points about the partnership

- By collaborating with the directors of the Future Center, we were able to welcome a large number of visitors outside our usual demographic of organizations and individuals involved in environmental activities and/or businesses.

– Furthermore, the Future session has resulted in the rise of new organizers planning successive sessions. (A new network was created)



□Executive committee/council


□Social business/CSR


Future Center Network, Center for Global Communications (GLOCOM) ,  Environmental Partnership Council, GEOC


Organizers of Future Center