Assessing Climate Change Impact on Flora and Fauna in Protected Areas of Nepal


Wildlife Watch Group (WWG) in association with International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the Department of National Park and Wildlife Reserve (DNPWC), conducted one day workshop in each protected areas of Langtang Himalayan Range as mentioned below
•Parsa Wildlife Reserve (26th February 2012 in Adabar; 60 participants)
•Shivapuri National Park (29th February 2012 in Panimuhan;  70 participants )
•Langtang National Part (3rd March 2012 in Dhunche; 78 participants)
The workshop was conducted and facilitated by highly qualified and academically sound resource persons with the working experience of more than 10 years in the field of wildlife and conservation.
The participants of the workshop were selected from diverse background who have lived in that area for more than 50 years. They are farmers, Ahirs traditional buffalo raising farmers, indigenous people, women, potters, Mahunrte, elephant rider, forest guards, game scout, members of users committee, other district line agencies and stakeholders. Amchi traditional healers were invited as they have greater knowledge about the locally available medicinal and herbal plants. Annis nuns & Babas priests were also included as they are the center of people’s belief. Beside these, concerned government representatives like warden and chairperson of the protected areas management committee along with the retired government officials, local leaders, representatives from the community and local development partners were also involved in the workshop.

Points about the partnership

WWG partnered with IUCN Nepal and Department of National park and Wildlife Conservation to assess climate change impacts on flora and fauna in 3 Protected Areas. Now we are looking for potential partners who would like to work in assessing impacts in other remaining 21 Protected Areas of Nepal.


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Wildlife Watch Group (WWG)


IUCN Nepal,  Department of National park and Wildlife Conservation