Planning a nature park by the local government and citizens; Konbukuro Pond Nature Park


The Konbukuro Pond Nature Study Park (located in Chiba Prefecture’s Kashiwa City) is a precious park, due to its having uncommon flatlands springwater, its being inhabited by rare living organisms seen in cool-temperate zones, and its other aspects.
From about the 1960s, as urbanization advanced, problems appeared with decreased springwater levels, water quality issues, illegal dumping of waste, etc. From 1980, local residents, the PTA, and other parties initiated conservation activities at the pond, and the board of education, landowners and others also cooperated.  Requests were presented to the prefecture and the city to turn the area into a park, public relations activities such as the handing out of booklets were carried out, and Kashiwa City did research concerning the springwater and the plants and animals there.
In 2003, Kashiwa City established the “Konbukuro Pond Park Environment Creation Conference” – made up of experts, stakeholders in surrounding facilities, nature conservation groups, citizen committee members and others. On the part of citizens, as they attempted to prepare the basis for a nature study park with their own hands, they set up Satoyama teams, research teams, adviser conferences, and then continued these activities. In 2010, the “Konbukuro Pond Nature Park (NPO)” was inaugurated, and activities are even now being developed through the forming of partnerships between local residents, research labs at the neighboring campuses of Tokyo University and Chiba University, businesses, Kashiwa City and Chiba Prefecture.

Points about the partnership

・Through the sharing of an “objective” and an “aspiration” to protect Konbukuro Pond, even though “the reason for doing this” and the methods used differ for each party involved, it is important for the city and citizens to think towards a common objective, and generate a feeling of having ‘ownership’ of the plan.
・It was difficult compiling opinions regarding protection of the park’s natural environment and its utilization, but it was made possible thanks to impartial advice from experts.
・Officials in the Kashiwa City Parks/Greening Policy Section also took it upon themselves to form a volunteer organization of officials, and they are involved even on weekends in maintenance and conservation activities.


Based on efforts at ‘co-action’ (cooperative action) by diverse actors




Konbukuro Pond Nature Park  (NPO)


Kashiwa City Parks & Greening Policy Section; Tokyo University; Chiba University; others