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Geothermal energy is an energy source based on the internal heat of the Earth. It is known for its renewability and environmentally-friendly characteristics. Indonesia is one of the biggest producers of geothermal energy in the world. According to 2011 data released by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, the country potentially has 29,038 GWe of geothermal energy obtainable from 276 spots throughout the archipelago. Meanwhile, there are currently 1,226 MW in installed Geothermal Power Plants (PLTP) across Indonesia.

With 200 MW in installed production capacity, the Kamojang plant is one of the biggest geothermal energy suppliers in the country. The plant is operated by PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy, a subsidiary of PT Pertamina. The company realizes the importance of ensuring sustainability in its operations. As a trial effort, an environmental management system was formed to manage every aspect of the plant environment, including the planning, implementation, monitoring and any improvements needed. The workflow data is loaded into computer software, which makes it easier for employees to examine and review.

Emissions Reduction: PT Pertamina’s contribution to combating climate change can be seen through its CO2 emissions reduction. In 2010, the Kamojang PLTP Unit 4 only emitted 0.057 tons of CO2e/MWh, which was recorded as being among the lowest emissions level for power plants in the world. Unit 4 has been registered in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change since December 2010 for its Clean Development Mechanism program. According to the company’s records, it has reduced emissions by a total of 402,780 metric tons of CO2 equivalent per annum in 2010 compared to a year before.

Points about the partnership

-Monitoring of the plant’s environmental protection, programs is not only conducted by the company, but also involves external institutions such as the Bandung Laboratory for Environment Quality Control and a team from the Ministry of Environment’s Program for Environmental Performance Rating (PROPER);
-Biodiversity Protection: Together with the West Java Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA), PT PERTAMINA strives to ensure biodiversity protection through a five-year plan, implemented by coordinating with the local community. This includes providing training sessions on handling forest fires, planting natural trees, and the importance of protecting animals in forests;
-Community Development: This is conducted through several programs: building a study center in Lampegan Village, Bandung District; encouraging local vendors to be aware of safety and resource usage improvement; coaching local farmers in properly caring for forests; educating surrounding residents on recycling their waste; and tackling malnutrition problems in the area near Kamojang.


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PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy


Bandung Laboratory for Environment Quality Control, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Sources, West Java Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA)

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