Earth Week Kumamoto


Earth Week Kumamoto is an environmental event implemented by a steering committee comprised of local environmental organizations and has a history of over 20 years. It provides an opportunity for local organizations to collaborate and share respective activities as well as promote partnerships.
EPO Kyushu joined the Earth Week Kumamoto’s steering committee in 2010 and suggested a Sponsors’ Booth to increase potential sponsors. The booth was also designed to spark further interest among existing sponsors to learn more about Earth Week Kumamoto and deepen their collaboration. Furthermore, EPO Kyushu introduced programs organized by the local Kyushu office and was able to bring the local government as well as businesses to take part in the event, turning what used to be an NPO-organized event into a more dynamic collaboration.

Points about the partnership

[Human resources] Organizations in the steering committee
[Time spent on coordination] Every year preparations start 5 months prior to the event and an evaluation meeting is held after the event.
[Funding] Sponsorship from businesses and donations from local media.
In partnership with NPOs, local government, businesses, etc., we aim to incorporate new ideas and improve on the trust and experience of the past 20+ years. Building consensus among all participating organizations is also crucial.


■Executive committee/council




Earth Week Kumamoto Steering Committee


NPO, Sponsoring private companies, Kumamoto City