Association for Promoting Mt.Fuji


Up to now, discussion and collaboration opportunities between the Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectural governments were limited. In order to organize and consolidate billboards and other signs obstructing Mt. Fuji’s scenery, we established a Mt. Fuji signage-owners liaising council. As this was the first instant in which a large number of stakeholders were brought together, the Council took on a broader purpose than simply discussing signage.
The Council was established in March 2009 to bring Mt. Fuji stakeholders together to share ideas on the proper use of the land and implement a coordinated policy regarding signage restrictions in order to ensure a safe and comfortable Mt. Fuji experience as well as conserving the natural environment and scenic beauty.

Points about the partnership

The collaboration between the two prefectures is underway, working toward registering Mt. Fuji as a World Heritage Site. Since the collaboration has a specific regulating function regarding signage, there is much hope around its potential for supporting proper utilization of the whole region.


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■Forest preservation ■ESD/environmental education ■Biodiversity/nature conservation ■Waste/’3R’principles (reduce/reuse/recycle)/resource cycles


Kanto Regional Environment Office


Branch offices of central government ( MILT’s Regional Development Bureau etc.), Local authorities, local tourism union, local board of education, Association for Mt.Fuji Conservation, etc.