Tokyo Green Campus Program


This is an initiative that effectively brings universities and their local communities together which, despite their geographical closeness, has limited opportunities for exchange.
The Tokyo Green Campus Program is a Tokyo government-lead initiative within the green conservation framework, a policy of joint ownership of conservation projects. In the program, universities enter an agreement with the Tokyo government to create opportunities for their students to participate in conservation activities. The aim is for the experience to spark interest among the next generation of leaders and ferment their ability to take action.

Points about the partnership

The project owner’s role is in initiating the exchange between a university and its local organization. Thus, the government expects there to be little funding and manpower requirements once collaboration is up and running. Since the project relies on universities to sign on first, currently there are limited working examples and we see this as our biggest challenge.


□Project cooperation/project accord


□Forest preservation □ESD/environmental education □Biodiversity/nature conservation □Air/water/soil protection □Waste/’3R’principles (reduce/reuse/recycle)/resource cycles □Town planning


Green Management Volunteers Association, Meisei University “CLOVER”


Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Hino City