Setting a Platform for Sustainable Community-building in Onuma


EPO Hokkaido received a request from a local organization to help establish a sustainable community-building structure in Onuma. After interviewing stakeholders in the area, EPO Hokkaido found the community in Onuma was in agreement for the need of such a structure and launched a project in partnership with the local organization to establish a sustainable community-building model.

To gain understanding and support from relevant parties involved in the district, in 2009, EPO Hokkaido held a series of ESD seminars in Onuma as well as seminars on sustainability in partnership with Hokkaido International Foundation(HIF). In 2010, EPO Hokkaido made a collaborative presentation display at COP10’s side event to report on the current status of Onuma. In 2011, Onuma was selected as a candidate site for a registered wetland under the Ramsar Convention and EPO Hokkaido organized a study group in Nanae Town about the Ramsar Convention. In 2012, EPO Hokkaido collaborated with Nanae Town to organize an information session to gain the support of the local people on the Ramsar Convention. In June that year, the Onuma Ramsar Council was established as a place for stakeholders to come together to discuss the Ramsar Convention.


Points about the partnership

EPO Hokkaido was successful in carefully listening and ascertaining the needs of the local community. Through interviews, a trusting relationship was established which lead to a deeper understanding of the community in Onuma. EPO Hokkaido found the Onuma district had a long-standing debate concerning water quality and purposefully chose a topic other than water quality as the discussion point. Putting all resources to use including that of the contractor, Hokkaido Environment Foundation, EPO Hokkaido was able to present water quality funding opportunities from businesses and secured the necessary funds for working in Onuma. Resources outside the area such as Ramsar Center, Environment Education Hokkaido and Kiritappu Wetland National Trust were also drawn. Linking Onuma with outside resources had a palpable effect on gaining the trust and support of the community in Onuma.


□Project cooperation/project accord  □Planning  □Executive committee/council  □Co-hosting


□ESD/environmental education  □Biodiversity/nature conservation  □Air/water/soil protection  □Town planning


Nanae Town, Hokkaido International Foundation(HIF), EPO Hokkaido


Nanae-Onuma International Tourism and Convention Association, Onuma Fishermen’s Cooperative, Shin-Hakodate Agricultural Cooperative, Onuma Natural Park Foundation, Asahi Beer Co.Ltd, Hokkaido Coca Cola Bottling Co.Ltd, Onuma Forest Park Volunteers, etc.