Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Strategic Plan (Potentials of regional cooperation in the implementation)


At the tenth Conference of the Parties on the Convention of the Biological Diversity (CBD-COP10), Strategic Plan for 2011-2020 was adapted. In order to archive it, member states need to establish National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans needs to be sets and reinforced. Regional Cooperation would be the key for the successful implementation of the plan. Capacity Building Workshop for NBSAP had been taking place and it is expected that each member states learns and empower themselves through the regional cooperation.

Points about the partnership

There were some suggestions to enhance the potential regional partnership;
To identify common problems, set of common goals, common solutions, indicators to monitor the effective solutions in the region and to establish the CBD help desk for the region.


Through multi-stakeholder partnership/cooperation




Member states of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)


UN and related agencies, Interanational Organizations, Industry groups, NPO, etc.

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