Ishikari City Citizen’s co-action proposal system


Given the diverse needs of its citizens and the maturation of the regional community, Ishikari City made the ordinance to utilize citizens’ opinions in 2002. In 2008, it established the citizen’s proposal program in order to promote opportunities for citizens to propose activities regarding town planning in cooperation with the city.
There are four measurement areas: cooperation, co-sponsoring, subsidy and commission. The programs include environmental protection and beautification, medical support, and citizen’s activities. There is a division in charge of promoting co-actions and to listen to citizens’ voices.
In 20011, three proposals including Ishikari coastal area protection, issue of convenient information notes for households, and social activity by an enterprise were adapted.

Points about the partnership

The city has set a message board in public areas to announce participation in the programs and to post various events of the city.


Based on subsidies and grants from government and business operators


sustainable community development


Ishikari City Division to promote co-actions and to listen to citizens’voices