Sakura City Citizen Participation Ordinance


Sakura city created the citizen participation ordinance after considering its establishment at the committee to consider citizens co-action-based on local governance and citizen’s co-action promotion committee. The members were selected from citizens and academic specialists on January 1st , 2007. The ordinance aims to increase the decentralization of power in local governments and increase local citizens activities. This was greatly influenced by the big earthquake in the Kansai area of 1995 and the establishment of the NPO promotion law. Additionally, it aims to empower local communities, respond to the diverse needs of its citizens, welcome new ideas about self-governance of local communities, and increase community development by its citizens.
In order to promote co-actions by citizens, Sakura city promotes policies such as the establishment of the “Regional city planning committee” to address the regional concerns and promotes “Citizens co-action activities” in order to promote the participation of citizens to mobilize thematic NPO activities.
Positive outcomes of the ordinance include the increase of the number of voluntary groups as well as the positive change in cooperation of citizens and staff of the city.

Points about the partnership

The city supports regional town planning committee and develops relationships with  fire-fighters, the police and the prefecture.
Support for the “Regional city planning committee” and the “Citizens co-action activities”
– Coordination between related agencies (police, fire etc.).
– Dispatch of specialized staff and dissemination of information.


Based on collaboration and cooperative relationships between diverse actors


sustainable community development


Sakura city Division of citizenship and human rights