Setagaya Ward NPO proposal cooperative project supported by intermediate NPO


Setagaya ward has established around 30 non-profit organizations in order to enforce the “Act to Promote Specified Non-Profit Activities” (NPO Law) in its area. As a result, (two years later) in 2000, it formed the Civil Activities Promotion Division and started to support various civil activities. In 2002, it began two projects “independence promotion project” and “cooperative promotion project.” The “Cooperative promotion project” has changed its name to “NPO proposal cooperative project” since 2008 and has transformed its policy to promote projects which are proposed by NPOs. It is currently positioned as “Setagaya ward’s project aiming to expand its civil activities promotion to cooperate with NPOs”. Setagaya ward collaborates with a intermediate organization and that organization directly supports individual NPOs. NPO Association “Machicollabo” was assigned to become the  intermediate organization  in 2011 and supported the following five organizations:
・NPO Association “Art Studio Ran” (Handweaving course with the purpose of creating child community)
・NPO Association “Eco Hiroba” (Holds workshops teaching how to make compost from garbage. )
・NPO Association “Economy support center for life” (Teaches what people should know about money and life and steps to take a fulfilling second life)
・NPO Association “Community network wave” (Recovery of self-esteem and mental support)
・Food/Fudo (climate) (Holding the “Workshops to understand local food and agriculture )

Points about the partnership

・Setagaya ward has actively supported NPOs since the beginning of NPO law enforcement
・It has often had opportunities to listen to the voices and opinions of NPOs, ward residents.


Due to subsidies or subvention from public administration and business operators


Sustainable regional construction


Setagaya Life and Culture Section, Civil Activities Promotion Division


NPO Association “Machicollabo”

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