Address realistic challenges and seek for the next step! " Community Building Challenge 3days”


General Policy Department of Tochigi Prefecture and Tochigi Youth Supporters Network held together “Community Building 3 days”(External link).

Nearly 40 participants who have strong will to contribute to community building joined the event. They dispersed and joined seven organizations respectively. The three-day project was to try to solve regional challenges.

Challenges have been raised from broad range of projects such as making effect use of bamboo as resources, employment of people with disabilities, reviving old folk houses and building community through video contents.

What is behind the challenge is how to maintain the community by the citizens in this era where population decline is inevitable. To that end, collaboration across sectors and fields becomes essential. On the other hand, there are a lot of people who want to become engaged in community building and solving regional challenges but have no idea how they are like or where to go. For those people, it was a suitable project.

More than anything, we felt that feelings of participants such as “It seems happy.” and “I want to try it.” are important for community building through collaboration from now on.

 The field of activity is the area where lots of snow are piled up.


 Everyone shares ideas for community building.


The content of the project is to participate in seven programs in Tochigi prefecture for three days and to think about the problem which the area has, together with local organization to solve the solution. It is hosted by Tochigi Prefecture, and the Tochigi Youth Supporters Network is managing it.