Collaborative management of a large Satoyama with local people in Kanazawa University


The Kakuma campus of Kanazawa University is located in a large Satoyama. The university designated one-third of the campus (74 ha) as “Satoyama zone” to conserve and restore the natural environment and to open the campus to local people.

In 1999, “Kakuma Satoyama nature school” was established. In addition to the teaching and clerical staffs of the university, the volunteer group of citizens, called “Satoyama mates,” conducted activities to conserve Satoyama and provide environmental education for children.

However, the Satoyama zone was rapidly devastated. Then, the university set up “Kakuma Satoyama headquarter” in 2010 as an official organization of the university with the aim of conservation and wise use of Satoyama. Kakuma Satoyama headquarter intends to show the plan to manage Satoyama, and provide advanced and original education and research, making good use of Satoyama. The teaching and clerical staffs and students of Kanazawa University collaborate with “Satoyama supporters” consisted of local people, NPOs, enterprises, and local governments, and carry out these projects. From the fiscal year 2013, Kakuma Satoyama seminar is held for young adults and students, which aims at human resource development for conservation and wise use of Satoyama, co-existence with nature, and sustainable development.

NPO “Kakuma Satoyama Future” was also established to collaborate with CSR activities of enterprises. It endeavors to coordinate the projects with enterprises.
Moreover, Kanazawa University develops the Satoyama Satoumi projects in the Noto peninsula to revitalize the local economy and realize sustainable development, based on the experience in Kakuma.


Satoyama zone at Kanazawa University (Photo courtegy of Prof. Nakamura at Kanazawa University)


Regenerating activity for a rice terrace (Photo courtegy of Prof. Nakamura at Kanazawa University)

Points about the partnership

  • The university employs full-time teaching and clerical staffs for Satoyama conservation. The university shows the leadership and collaborates with volunteers, and so on.
  • The university makes full use of the Special Funds for Education and Research of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the grants of the Fuji Film Green Fund, and so on. These funds help the university to enrich its fund for various activities.


Project cooperation/project accord


Forest preservation, ESD/environmental education, Biodiversity/nature conservation


Kakuma Satoyama headquarter


Satoyama mates, Satoyama supporters, NPO “Kakuma Satoyama Future,” the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Fuji Film Green Fund, and so on.


Kanazawa University, Kakuma Satoyama headquarter
Kanazawa University Satoyama Satoumi Project
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