Satoyama conservation activities of Shishitsuka in Ibaraki prefecture


“Satoyama of Shishitsuka” is located in 40 km from the metropolitan area. It is quite a large Satoyama in the Kanto plains where most of the areas are urbanized. Surrounding the Shishitsuka big pond, Satoyama stretched to more than 100ha and it is blessed with various environment including forests, bamboo thickets, wetlands, paddy fields and small streams.

“Shishitsuka Nature and History Association” was established in 1989 and has been doing various activities to understand the nature and history of Shishitsuka area, and hand over them to the next generation. Cooperating with the local aged people, the members of association put down what they heard about the agriculture, lifestyle, and culture, and published books on the life in Satoyama which was coexistent with nature. They also conduct research on birds and plants as one of the nature monitoring point of the Monitoring-Site 1000 selected by the Ministry of the Environment.

The association carries on activities including management of the forests and bamboo thickets, restoration of wetlands and paddy fields, and extermination of the invasive alien species. The private companies, such as LIXIL (2007~), which has the factories in Ibaraki prefecture, and Fujitsu (2008~), participate in these activities. The clubs of universities take part in these activities, too.

Nature observation meetings and the environmental education are implemented by the association in collaboration with Shishitsuka elementary school, Meikei-Gakuen junior high school, Kinu nursing school, University of Tsukuba and so on.
The association has established the owner system of the terraced paddy fields in order to conserve the paddy fields at valley bottoms and communicate with urban dwellers. The rice cultivated in an eco-friendly way is provided to the consumers, named “Hometown of Grey-faced Buzzard-eagle, Shishitsuka Rice.”

宍塚 大池

Shishitsuka bug pond” ”photo by Shishitsuka Nature and
History Association

宍塚 竹工作

Bamboo crafts” “photo by Shishitsuka Nature and History

Points about the partnership

  • By hearing and comprehending the talks of local aged people about Satoyama, lifestyle and agriculture in the past, the common perception about Satoyama was emerged. It helps diverse stakeholders to share the common vision for Satoyama.
  • Taking advantage of the location near cities, young generation came to participate in various activities. The participation of young generation leads to expand the activities and gives power to the association to continue their activities in future.

In total, over 2,000 people (including residents of disaster-hit areas and volunteers) have been involved.


□Project cooperation/project accord


Forest preservation, ESD/environmental education, Biodiversity/nature conservation


Shishitsuka Nature and History Association (NPO)


University of Tsukuba, Ibaraki University, Hosei University, Shishitsuka elementary school, Kandatsu elementary school, Ounan elementary school, Meikei-gakuen junior high school, Tsuchiura city dai yon junior high school, Kinu nursing school, Revolve Institute for School Education, Fujitsu, LIXIL, Tsuchiura city, Ibaraki prefecture, and so on.


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