Generating from Shizuoka! Towards the diffusion of community-driven renewable energy


In December, 2012, in Shizuoka, an NPO and a local large corporation joined together and established a local electric power generation company, “Shizuoka mirai local energy, Inc.”, having the goal of diffusion of community-driven renewable energy.

This company was established with joint capital investment from the incorporated NPO Earth Life Network, which has been operated by the Shizuoka Center for Climate Change Actions (SCCCA) since 2004, and from the energy trading company Suzuyo & Co., Ltd., which has Shizuoka Prefecture as its base of operations. The core of this enterprise is a “Citizens’ Fund” established by regional actors such as citizens, enterprises and financial institutions, local governments, NPOs, etc., each bringing forth their respective resources, thus forming a network with the aim of local production and local consumption of the energy produced.

Operating situation

The structure of this Citizens’ Fund is such that the fund became realizable for the first time when regional actors such as citizens, enterprises and financial institutions, local governments, NPOs, etc., joined together. “Shizuoka mirai local energy, Inc.”, established by the NGO and the business enterprise, became the organization responsible for implementation; citizens invest 50,000 yen/share; Shizuoka City provides space to set up solar panels; Seishin Shinkin Bank, Inc. provides financing based on project evaluations; etc. It can be said that the system is an ‘all-Shizuoka’ one. The capital investment and financing is to be repaid with proceeds from a buyback program for environmentally-friendly energy. In 2011, Shizuoka Prefecture had 2,362 hours of sunlight; amongst that, Shizuoka City had the 2nd-most sunshine hours of all Japanese local governments, which indicates that the area is suitable for solar power generation.

Points about the partnership

By getting a pro sports team which is popular among regular citizens involved, the partnership succeeded in attracting interest beyond just those already interested in the environment. Explanations about the solar panels installed by the citizens’ fund were placed at the home ground of the Shimizu S-Pulse pro soccer team, and various other means have been contrived, virtually everywhere, to get many citizens involved in the effort. Because NPOs, business enterprises, governments, etc. had already developed strong cross-sector networks aimed at the prevention of regional warming, this partnership was able to quickly launch a local power generation facility utilizing the citizens’ fund.


Prevention of climate change/energy-related, ESD/environmental education, Biodiversity/nature conservation, Air/water/soil protection, Ecotourism

Actor &Partner

Earth Life Network (incorporated NPO)